UK Home Energy Efficiency Grants and Schemes

UK Grants to help you reduce your energy usage

For most people, energy bills are the most significant source of anxiety for families with a tight monthly budget.

Becoming more energy efficient at home is the best way to reduce your bills. Still, the investment needed to achieve these savings is beyond most families.

Fortunately, assistance is accessible in the form of energy efficiency grants, helping you stay much warmer for a lot less.

Eco3 Scheme


Green Home Deal

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Renewable Heat Incentive

Smart export guarantee

Smart Export Guarantee

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Warm Home Discount

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Cold Weather Payment


About Energy Grants UK

Here at Energy Grants UK, we make it our job to help homeowners & businesses across the UK to create more comfortable and more energy-efficient properties.

As an independent organisation, Energy Grants UK help homeowners throughout the country. So if you need free boiler installation in Manchester, solar panels in Nottingham or loft insulation in Glasgow, with Energy Grants UK, you will find an expert, reliable professionals.

As well as fitting energy-saving upgrades, our highly-skilled, approved surveyors can help you find the most suitable and cost-effective solutions for your property.
Our services cover everything, from technical surveys, installations, to grant funding.

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What is energy efficient rating?

Energy efficiency ratings come in various forms, and while they are to guide us in making decisions to reduce the long-term running costs and CO2 emissions.

Energy efficiency rating scale goes from G to A+++
Other information to check is the kWh/year figure, as there can be quite a big difference between products.

New Boiler legislation changes the minimum level of energy efficiency required from a domestic heating system. All new boilers need to be the equivalent of an A rating.