Who gets cold weather payments?

When the temperature falls, your bills can snowball. Cold Weather Payments are one of the programs that you can get a bit of money back to balance the additional cost caused by a harsh winter.

If you’re suitable for them, you can use these payments to help you manage your home.

What are Cold Weather Payments?

If the temperature between the start of November and end of March drops below 0°C for at least 7 consecutive days, you could be entitled to an instalment of £25 for each week of freezing weather. Only people on certain benefits can claim, and Cold Weather Payments do not affect your other government benefits.

Claiming Cold Weather Payments

People who already accept certain benefits are automatically registered for Cold Weather Payments. If you currently receive one of the available benefits and you either have a baby or a child under five that lives with you, then you should be eligible for Cold Weather Payments.

The DWP has a free Cold Weather Payment checker.

Cold Weather Payment are generally paid within 2 weeks after the period of cold weather. If you don’t get a payment when you’re expecting to, get in touch with the DWP, Jobcentre Plus or your pension centre.

Who is qualified to receive Cold Weather Payments?

Eligible benefits for Cold Weather Payments: Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance income-related Employment and Support Allowance Pension Credit Guarantee Income Support Universal Credit Support for Mortgage Interest. Please note, receiving any of the above benefits doesn’t automatically guarantee that you’ll qualify for Cold Weather Payments.