ECO 3 Cavity Wall Grants in Whitefield, Greater Manchester

We provide free cavity wall insulation for all homeowners in Whitefield, Greater Manchester who meet the requirements as part of the Eco scheme to make English houses reduce greenhouse emissions and your energy bills irrespective of your property size.

Why homeowners in Whitefield are installing cavity wall insulation?

Your house could lose nearly a third of its heat through uninsulated walls. By introducing cavity wall insulation, homeowners in Whitefield can lessen the warmth loss from your house.

Additional energy-efficiency upgrades available for Whitefield

As well as installing Cavity wall installation, The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme looks to improve your energy performance by implementing other efficiency upgrades like Loft insulation, underfloor insulation and free boiler replacement.
Please use our online form or call our energy efficiency advisors on 0333 577 5351 and they can find out the best grants information and availability for the Greater Manchester region.