Governments Grants for Gas Boilers

The governments ECO Scheme provides customers with grants for a new A-rated boiler. As part of this service, we conduct a system cleanse to remove all the old sludge, make sure your heating controls are up to date, and each boiler comes with a standard two-year warranty.

Based on boiler and installation prices, the average rate of having your boiler replaced is between £1800 - £3000; however, taking advantage of a government energy efficiency grant can save you a significant amount of money.
To qualify to receive an energy efficiency boiler grant to the cost of replacing your broken boiler, you or someone living in the home must be the homeowner and receive one of the qualifying benefits.

Once verified that you are suitable, one of our energy efficiency surveyors will come to the property to carry out a free home evaluation.


A combi boiler produces heat for your radiators and residential hot water on demand.
Combi boilers require much less plumbing than conventional boilers, so they can be more economical to fit unless you already have the rest of the system in place.

Combi boilers are more compact as there is no need for a separate water tank; combi boiler systems use up much smaller space than traditional heating systems. It is making them ideal for homes that have limited room.

Another feature of Combi Boilers is the hot water never runs out, water is heated as you need it, so you don't need a timer for your hot water.


  1. Please take a minute to complete our online eligibility form or call us 
  2. We’ll contact you to arrange a suitable date to complete our free energy survey.
  3. Once qualified, we will arrange the installation of your free a-rated gas boiler with our fully gas safe certified heating engineers.

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