lOFT insulation

Grants for Loft Insulation

Households can apply for Loft Insulation Grants when they have an uninsulated loft space or insulted with less than 100mm (4 inches)

If you have a typical loft with a pitched roof, it is a high energy efficiency measure to insulate it.

Insulating is a natural process for our specialists, we will make sure that no risk of frozen pipes or any condensation by making sure any pipework or water tanks are insulated. As the roof space gets colder after being insulated, uninsulated pipework could freeze.

Our team will make sure your loft is well ventilated, and the new insulation does not obstruct existing ventilation.


Your roof must be weatherproof before any insulation can take place, if any rain gets into the new insulation it will damage permanently, so a watertight roof is essential.

When storing items in your newly insulated loft, you will need to make sure there is a raised floor in place, and you should never rest any household items on the insulation itself.


  1. Please take a minute to complete our online eligibility form or call us 
  2. We’ll contact you to arrange a suitable date to complete our free energy survey.
  3. Once qualified, we will arrange the installation of your free eco measures with our fully qualified engineers.