Room in Roof Insulation

Grants for Room in Roof Insulation

If you have a room in your roof, with a permanent stairway, Energy Grants UK provide grants to insulate your walls and ceiling, making your home more comfortable.

With the ECO scheme, the government is hoping more households will start to reduce their carbon footprint.

The most important thing for upgrading uninsulated attic rooms is the insulation material.

This material must be effective in reducing heat conduction through convection plus prevent excessive sun radiation through the hot, summer months.


If you are thinking of creating habitable space in your roof, you should
make sure all work is following the building regulations.

When modifying the timbers in a roof area, you have to know the latest design will be strong enough to support the new loads. Usually, your existing roof joists will not be strong enough to act as floor joists for any loft conversion.

When performing any structural alterations, we strongly recommended you seek professional help.

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