Enfield Boiler Grants

We help you make your home in Enfield more energy-efficient. We do this using the UK government’s ECO scheme. We can install top-quality gas boilers for you.

Our team knows all about government grants that can save you money and energy.

If you live in Enfield, you might get a free, energy-saving boiler. The best part? You don’t have to change your energy company to get this. Our team will guide you through all the steps.

Who Can Get a New Boiler in Enfield?

To get a new boiler, you need to get one of these benefits:

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Family enjoying new boiler funding

Can I Still Get a Boiler Grant in Enfield?

You can get a boiler grant in Enfield until at least 2027.

What About Landlords?

Sorry, this is for homeowners in Enfield only, not for renters.

And Pensioners?

If you’re a pensioner in Enfield, you can get a boiler grant if you get one of the eligible benefits.

More Ways to Save Energy in Enfield

Along with a free boiler upgrade, we offer other ways to make your home greener. These include:

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