Battersea Cavity Wall Insulation Grants

Energy Grants UK can offer free cavity wall insulation for all homeowners & private renters in Battersea.
Homeowners & Private Renters who meet the government criteria can apply for affordable warmth drive funding to make UK homes save energy costs regardless of their house size.

Why do residents in Battersea applying for free cavity wall insulation?

A property can lose nearly a third of its warmth by having poorly or uninsulated cavity walls. By introducing cavity wall insulation, residents in Battersea can reduce the warmth loss from their house.

List of benefits criteria.

Child Tax Credits
Working Tax Credits
Universal Credit
Pension Credits
Employment and Support Allowance
Jobseekers Allowance
Income Support
Child Benefit
Housing Benefit

Is there any Insulation grants in Battersea?

The ECO4 is set to run until 2027, and cavity wall insulation is a important upgrade measure, residents in Battersea can apply.

Does Universal credit entitle you to cavity wall grants in Battersea?

Yes, Universal credit does qualify you for cavity wall grants.

Can pensioners in Battersea claim for free cavity wall grants?

Yes, free cavity wall insulation grants are available to pensioners if they receive one of the qualifying benefits.

People enjoying Cavity Insulation Guarantee

Additional energy efficiency upgrades available for Battersea

In addition to installing Battersea free cavity wall insulation, ECO scheme will look to improve your energy efficiency with other eco measures like Battersea Free boiler upgrade, Battersea loft insulation or underfloor insulation.
To learn if you qualify, complete our online form or contact us our grants team on 0333 577 5351 and we can counsel great grants information and accessibility within the Greater-London region.